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Organization Liability

 Today, every operation needs to be responsible!

The challenges surrounding alcohol service have increased dramatically. There are rising alcohol liability premiums and more sophisticated fake IDs. Stricter dram shop laws and a more litigious environment are also a constant concern.

All members of your establishment's staff must understand their liability regarding alcohol service. Being liable means having legal responsibilities, and if individuals do not act in accordance with those laws it could result in:

  Loss of liquor license
Closing the establishment

Types of Law and Liability include:

  • Criminal Liability - If found criminally liable for serving a minor or a guest who is or appears to be intoxicated, the server and/or the licensee can face fines, probation or jail time depending on the state. The operation could lose its liquor license, have to pay fines and may feel significant consequences in the cost of their insurance.
  • Civil Liability - If found civilly liable for contributing to a guest's injury, the server, the owner/licensee and the operation all face the possibility of large monetary settlements. Depending on the size of the judgment, this could result in bankruptcy and will most certainly bring hefty court fees.
  • Dram Shop Laws - These allow for an establishment and its owners and employees to be sued by someone injured by a patron who had been drinking alcohol at the establishment.

Protect your establishment and your front-of-the-house staff by getting the proper responsible alcohol training. And talk to your insurance broker because many brokers and underwriters offer credits or discounted rates on liquor liability insurance for having responsible alcohol service policies and procedures in place.

With these and other trends taking hold of the industry, the NRAEF recognized the increasing need for a consistent, effective training solution. ServSafe AlcoholTM works to educate your entire front-of-the-house staff, so everyone has the knowledge they need to make the right decision in critical situations.

ServSafe Alcohol Training & Certification Online

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