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ServSafe Alcohol Online Course Information

ServSafe Alcohol Online Course Overview

The course is highly interactive. And truly indispensable. With online training, your staff will receive critical knowledge on alcohol law and responsibilities, recognizing and preventing intoxication, checking identification and dealing with difficult situations.

The online ServSafe Alcohol Course takes a minimum of four hours, and is self-paced with intuitive navigation, allowing users to easily review key concepts. The course integrates audio and video, role-play activities, interactive exercises and includes a practice test to help prepare students for the certification examination. A bookmark feature allows users to easily return to where they left off.

What lessons will ServSafe Alcohol deliver to your staff?

Here is an at-a-glance overview of the essential information the Online Course puts at everyone's fingertips.

Alcohol Law and Your Responsibility

  Your Responsibility as a Seller or Server of Alcohol
  The Role of the Liquor Authority
  Laws Restricting Alcohol Service

Recognitizing and Preventing Intoxication

  Alcohol and the Body
  Factors that Affect Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  Assessing Intoxication: Counting Drinks
  Assessing Intoxication: Observing Guests for Signs of Intoxication
  The Importance of Observation and Communication
  Preventing Guests from Becoming Intoxicated

Checking Identification

  Acceptable Forms of Identification
  Verifying Identification
  The Proper Procedure for Checking IDs
  Dealing with a Fake ID

Handling Difficult Situations

  Handling Intoxicated Guests: Stopping Service
  Handling Intoxicated Guests: Arriving and Departing
  Handling Potentially Violent Situations and Illegal Activities
  Documenting Incidents
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