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Comprehensive coverage
ServSafe Alcohol is comprehensive, yet practical. It serves as the ideal reference manual for the student's entire career.
Highly flexible training
ServSafe Alcohol is designed to work in a classroom setting, one-on-one or in-unit instruction, or online.
Holistic approach
ServSafe Alcohol teaches the whole front-of-the-house, including busers, door staff, hosts, servers, and valets, to work together as a team. This holistic approach is more effective in diffusing difficult situations.
Real-world case studies
ServSafe Alcohol makes an impression that lasts. These real-world experiences also give every student a way to apply their learning to help avoid these difficulties back at work.
Created by our industry
ServSafe Alcohol was created with input from chain and independent operators, along with experts from the legal, regulatory, academic, insurance, medical, and law enforcement fields. They determined the tasks that the front-of-the-house needs to know to serve alcohol responsibly today.
Covers today's biggest issues
ServSafe Alcohol is the in-depth way to learn today. The new Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service textbook includes chapters on Alcohol Law and Your Responsibilities, Recognizing and Preventing Intoxication, Checking Identification, and Handling Difficult Situations.
Multimedia learning tools
ServSafe Alcohol has exceptional training tools, such as video role-playing showing the right way to handle difficult situations, dynamic visual aides including guides and charts, and the interactive Showdown! game. They help with learning and knowledge retention across the board.
ServSafe Alcohol Primary Examination
Tests for basic responsible alcohol service knowledge. Students that pass this non-secured exam receive a certificate showing that they have studied and are knowledgeable about how to serve alcohol responsibly. Exam in 100% Online.

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